As lawyers, we have never been fond of sitting behind an oaken desk with a green bankers lamp. We built our team in a steel-and-glass building whose corridors were filled with experimental flying drones and budding entrepreneurs planning their world conquests. We have been advising and assisting them for years until the creative space enthralled us in completely. Thus we started our own legal office Šetina, Komendová & Partners.


JUDr. Tomáš Šetina

Attorney and Partner

The office bears his name and Tomáš bears the responsibility for making sure that our team's work is useful for the client and makes sense. He specializes in business law, intellectual property and government budget spending. 

Tomáš's interest in history allows him to see things in a greater perspective and from different angles. With great creativity, he likes to think up strategies and original solutions for business cases and more complex court battles. 

e-mail: tomas.setina@akskp.cz
tel: +420 777 027 004


JUDr. Pavla Komendová

Attorney and Partner

Pavla's name can be found in the name of the office, Pavla herself can mostly be found on business negotiations involving IT law or corporate law. She helps her clients to protect their copyrights, negotiate conditions for entry of investors, to prepare the mergers, division, or to set out the rules of agile development of SW.

Pavla always makes sure she knows well her clients and their goals. She seeks best paths for their smooth running of businesses and contributes to their success. She is very detail-oriented and approaches each case with a positive optimistic outlook.

e-mail: pavla.komendova@akskp.cz
tel: +420 725 036 259

JUDr. Michal Faltus


Michal you will meet in court - and you will thank your lucky stars that he is on your side. He fights fiercely for his clients and with gusto. His cases usually involve civil law, criminal law and employment law. He knows how to support his client in difficult times and safely guide them through insolvency proceedings. 

When Michal speaks, everybody listens. Thanks to his rhetorical skills and energy, Michal is an expert in inspiring respect, quickly and naturally. 

e-mail: michal.faltus@akskp.cz
tel: +420 724 573 408

Mgr. Ing. Petra Františová


Petra is like fish in water among internet-based entrepreneurs. She is an expert on personal data protection, intellectual property rights and consumer rights. She also assists her clients with issues of employment law and real estate law. If that were not enough, she is also a well trained economist. 

Petra pays attention to detail and always comes to client meetings well prepared. Her active approach to clients always helps them find the best solution for their business.  

e-mail: petra.frantisova@akskp.cz
tel: +420 724 380 478

Mgr. Sandra Martinková


Sandra, as an expert in construction and real estate law, helps our clients to realize their interesting developer projects and guides them during the gruelling administrative processes. She is a pillar of our office in the field of energy law, especially renewable resources, and also supports our clients in the field of commercial law, IT law and industrial property rights.

Sandra enjoys meeting new people and likes to hear their interesting ideas that she helps them realize. When she is not present in the office, you can meet her at various networking and social events. 

e-mail: sandra.martinkova@akskp.cz
tel: +420 775 413 678

Mgr. Michal Antoš

Articled Clerk

Michal is most usually immersed in solving cases of business legal compliance.  He also excells in corporate law, securities and international business law. 

His hard work and attention to detail allow him to find gaps or weakpoints in any case and subsequently to use it to his clients' benefit. You can also find him on university campus - he is working on his PhD in the Commercial Law Department of Masaryk University Brno. 

e-mail: michal.antos@akskp.cz
tel: +420 774 835 143

Johana Hlavinková

Assistant of Attorney

Johana is a student of the 5th year of the Faculty of Law of the Masaryk University. She has been working with our law firm since 2016. Johana is interested primarily in corporate law and labor law, as evidenced by the selection of the topic of her thesis.

You will meet Johana at a meeting in our office in Brno, where she provides support and assistance to the lawyers of the office in everyday legal matters.

e-mail: johana.hlavinkova@akskp.cz 

Tereza Zichová

Assistant of Attorney

Tereza is a student of the 5th year of the Faculty of Law of the Masaryk University. She has been working with our law firm since 2016. Tereza is interested primarily in insolvency law and IT law, which she proves by choosing the topic of her thesis on Department of Law and Technology at the Faculty of Law.

You will meet Tereza at a meeting in our office in Brno, where she provides support and assistance to the lawyers of the office in everyday legal matters.

e-mail: tereza.zichova@akskp.cz

Vítek Švejda

Assistant of Attorney

Vítek is a student of the 4th year of the Faculty of Law of the Masaryk University in Brno and as a part of his work in our office in Brno he gains experiences from the practice in the areas in which our office works, focusing primarily on intellectual property law.

Vítek deals, inter alia, with the processing of searches and legal analysis, the revision of contracts, the preparation of court filings or the provision of support and assistance to lawyers in everyday legal matters.

e-mail: vitek.svejda@akskp.cz

Jana Hudcová, DiS.

Head of Administration

Thanks to many years of experience in law offices, Jana has an excellent overview not only of all the activities of the office but also about the legal regulations and their application. Thanks to her experiences and a sense of responsibility, she manages all administration so that all operations are done properly, in time and effectively.

Jana ensures our clients' agenda runs smoothly and deadlines are kept.  

e-mail: jana.hudcova@akskp.cz