We have never been those lawyers sitting behind oaken desks with green bankers lamps. We came to know each other in a glass building whose corridors buzzed with drones and where budding entrepreneurs planned to conquer the world. For years, we had been advising and providing services to them until the creative environment inspired us to take our own initiative. Thus, we set up the law firm Šetina, Komendová & Partners.


JUDr. Tomáš Šetina

Attorney and Partner

The law firm bears his name and Tomáš bears the responsibility for ensuring that the law firm does useful and meaningful job. He specialises in business law, intellectual property law and public budgeting.

His interest in history helps him take a broader perspective when approaching various problems. Truly creative, he likes to come up with new strategies and out-of-the-box solutions for commercial cases or complicated lawsuits.

e-mail: tomas.setina@akskp.cz
tel: +420 777 027 004


JUDr. Pavla Komendová

Attorney and Partner

While you will find her surname in the name of the firm, Pavla herself is most often to be met in negotiations concerning IT law or business corporations. She helps her clients protect their copyright, negotiate conditions for the entry of investors, divide or merge their companies, and set rules for an agile development of software.

Pavla makes sure that she knows her clients and their goals perfectly. She does her best to ensure that their business runs smoothly, thus contributing to their success. Pavla is meticulous in detail and addresses all cases positively and with natural confidence.

e-mail: pavla.komendova@akskp.cz
tel: +420 725 036 259

JUDr. Michal Faltus


You will meet Michal in court, and you will be glad that he is on your side. He is an enthusiastic lawyer and fights hard for his clients, most often in civil, criminal and labour lawsuits. He knows how to support his clients in difficult times and guide them safely through the pitfalls of insolvency proceedings. Michal is also well versed in subsidy issues and public procurement where he actively helps both the contracting authorities and the participants.

When it is Michal's turn to speak, everybody starts listening - thanks to his rhetorical skills and the ability to speak to the point, he knows how to win respect, quickly and naturally. 

e-mail: michal.faltus@akskp.cz
tel: +420 724 573 408

Mgr. Ing. Petra Lupieńská


Petra takes care of online entrepreneurs. She is an expert in personal data protection, intellectual property law and trademarks. Thanks to her master's degree in economics, her clients can count on her perfect knowledge of this area as well.

Full of initiative and paying careful attention to detail, Petra is always perfectly prepared and ready to help our clients find the most suitable solution for their business. 

e-mail: petra.lupienska@akskp.cz
tel: +420 724 380 478

Mgr. Michal Antoš


Most often, you will meet Michal when dealing with commercial law issues. He is also an expert on corporate law, securities law and international commercial law.

Hard-working and focused on detail, he knows how to find loopholes or weak areas in a case and use this knowledge effectively for the benefit of his clients. You can also reach Michal at university - he is a doctoral student at the Department of Commercial Law at the Faculty of Law, Masaryk University.

e-mail: michal.antos@akskp.cz
tel: +420 774 835 143

Mgr. Vítek Švejda

Trainee Lawyer

After graduating from the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University, Vítek followed his previous practice at AKSKP as a trainee lawyer. In his activities, he focuses primarily on intellectual property law (IT and copyright, industrial rights) and he can equally benefit from his experience in land or construction proceedings and related areas (waste management, energy law).

Vítek takes the work of a lawyer with perspicacity, treats cases humanely and tries to break down established prejudices against the legal profession. You can meet Vítek in a more relaxed environment of the Brno or Prague Impact Hub or at events put together by the LawTribe group, where Vítek cooperates and shares experience with experts both from inside and outside the law.

e-mail: vitek.svejda@akskp.cz 

Jana Hudcová, DiS.

Head of Administration

Thanks to her long-standing work experience in various law firms, Jana possesses comprehensive knowledge not only of the activities of the office, but also of legislation regulations and the application thereof. Her experience and high degree of personal responsibility allow her to organise skilfully the administrative activities so that all operations are completed properly, in time and effectively.

Jana ensures that our law office works smooth and all the deadline are met.

e-mail: jana.hudcova@akskp.cz